Student FAQ's (5)

How Do Lessons Work?

Prior to the lesson, students will read a topic from my “daily topics” page. We will then discuss it in our private lesson. In each lesson we will start with “small talk” and then enter into a discussion about the topic you read. Natural conversation is imperative to learning a new language and studies show that meaningful conversations contribute to learning more than passive or uninvolved interactions.

This standard format of reading and then discussing the daily topic is my professional approach to help students become more fluent, however, if you need help in other areas or need to address some specific issues, I am more than willing to help with those things too.

How Long Will It Take to Improve My English?

This is a question I get frequently from students. There is no single answer. Each student is different and therefore the effort and time it takes to reach your goals varies according to the individual. Here is how I like to explain it to students: Learning English is like being physically fit. The healthier you eat and the more exercise you do, the better you look. Just as going to the gym each day builds muscle and reduces fat, so does daily English conversation; the more you practice, the more fluent you become. Learning English is an ongoing process for most people, even native English speakers. There is no stopping point for most, however, with lessons you can reach your goals faster.

For some students its a lifelong effort and for others its shorter term. It really depends on your current level, your goals, and the time and effort you can contribute to learning English. Regardless of anything, you will improve your English simply by speaking it in my lessons.

How Do I know If Your Lessons Are Suitable For Me?

My lessons are suitable for students who are at Lower intermediate level in speaking and reading. You may not know what your level is and unsure if you should invest money in something that may not suit you. I will help determine this. I will ask you a set of questions in writing to determine your reading/writing ability first. After this, I will schedule a free 15 minute consultation in order to assess your speaking/listening level. Only after this will we proceed.

In the consultation I will ask you some questions to determine your level and motivation for your English goals. I will also explain how the lessons work and answer any of your questions. I do not do free trial lessons. During the consultation you will be able to determine if you are comfortable with me as a teacher. This is the most important factor when choosing a tutor. It is important that you feel comfortable with me because this will enable you to learn without feeling any sort of awkwardness. The relationship between teacher and student should be relaxed and natural so that you feel free to have meaningful conversations.

How Do I Book Lessons?

After our consultation and after you purchase your package of lessons, I will email a receipt to you. Only then can we schedule the lessons. The easiest way to do this is to review my calendar on my website, choose a time that is not taken and request it with me via email or Skype. Its as easy as that.

My work hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (pacific Standard Time). When looking at my calendar keep my local time in mind.

What Is Your Policy For Missed Lessons Or Canceling?

Postponing lessons
In case you are impeded you can postpone your lesson. Please notify me without fail 24 hours in advance otherwise the lesson will be charged to you.

Validity and refund of lessons
Lessons that are purchased are valid for 1 year. The lessons must be taken within this time limit otherwise they lose their validity. A refund of lessons that have been purchased is not possible therefore it is recommended to take the lessons before the deadline is up.

Technical difficulties
We Teach English cannot be made responsible for communication problems and technical difficulties that are beyond the control of We Teach English (skype, oovoo, etc.) you will receive credit for the time lost due to technical difficulties that are a result of system problems at We Teach English.