In order to access private lessons you will need the following.

  • Skype
  • Headset with microphone
  • Optional Web Cam ( If you want me to see you. )
If you don’t have Skype you can download if for free here. Should you have any questions prior to purchasing lessons feel free to contact me on Skype at: Englishteacher7474. [restabs responsive=”false” tabcolor=”#1ec0f2″ seltabcolor=”#007fc9″ tabhovercolor=”#007fc9″] [restab title=”Buy English Lessons” active=”active”]English Lessons are designed to help you improve your confidence when speaking, introduce vocabulary and improve your overall fluency.Each lesson is 50 minutes in length. Prior to your lesson you will read the daily topic or any topic of your choice and then we discuss it in length. The best approach, in order to gain as much benefit as possible is to read a topic provided in my website, then take notes about that topic, such as: What is your opinion? How does this topic relate to you personally and be sure to note any new vocabulary or phrases which we can discuss in the lesson. Most of my students report that around 20 lessons they start to feel more comfortable when speaking English, family and friends notice they sound better when speaking English and confidence is higher.

Each lesson is private and I feel that most of my students enjoy the conversations we have together as well as learn a great deal about English and the topics we discuss.
1 – 50 Minute English Lesson – $30
5 – 50 Minute English Lessons – $135 (Save $15)
10 – 50 Minute English Lessons – $240 (Save $60)
20 – 50 Minute English Lessons – $400 (Save $200)
[/restab] [restab title=”Buy Accent Reduction Training”]Accent Reduction Lessons are becoming more popular and necessary in the global society we live in today. Reducing your accent and learning the “American accent” is a useful tool if you find that your English is still not at the level you wish it to be. These lessons are personally designed to help the student with specific issues. Each package is designed to address stress, intonation and pronunciation of the American Standard Accent. Each lesson is 50 minutes in length.

You can expect improvement in your overall ability to sound more like an American speaker of English. Accent reduction is a reduction of any accent caused by your current native language when speaking in English. Elimination of your accent is nearly impossible. But with time, hard work and practice you will see results. When you enter into this process, you must be fully aware that it is a process which takes time.
1 Hour Accent Consultation – $95
8 Week Accent Reduction Training Course – $680
16 Week Accent Reduction Training Course – $980
24 Week Accent Reduction Training Course – $1280