What to Know About Learning English on Skype

Skype is a modern instant messaging application that’s seen quite a bit of use in the business world. Many employers are using it to communicate with their employees within an office setting. It’s also quite well-used from a social perspective, too. It is currently ranked as the leading instant messaging application and one of the most downloaded applications on File Hippo, a popular file hosting service, so it only makes sense that people are using it for a variety of reasons: including learning English online. However, what do students need to know about learning English on Skype? Computer Requirements OneContinue Reading

Are English Lessons on YouTube Any Good?

Are English Lessons on YouTube Any Good?

Many students are turning towards YouTube as a means of receiving ESL instruction on the Internet. This is a less intimate experience than what students might find while receiving instruction through other channels, like paying for ESL lessons through Skype or another social application, but one benefit to YouTube lessons is that they’re almost always free. This can make acquiring a new language very cost effective as they’re simply no price tag attached to it. However, does this mean the YouTube experience is good? Students should keep the following things in mind: Mistakes Can Be Reinforced No instructor can deliverContinue Reading

Is Learning English on Skype Effective?

A concern that students often have is whether or not learning English on Skype would be worth it. This is not only true when it comes to the financial side of things, since learning English as an ESL student isn’t cheap by any means, but it’s also true of how much material will actually be absorbed when learning English through this channel. Of course, the virtues of Skype can’t be praised enough as it’s linked millions with one another for the social needs of both businesses and personal users, but should students trust it for English instruction? Let’s find out.Continue Reading

Are English Training Games Useful?

One of the biggest components of the ESL field in general, especially as it pertains to teaching certification courses, is that English training games have their place in the adult classroom and should be used extensively. Now, there’s something to be said about this thought since it evokes so many different schools of thought. Some ESL professionals believe games have no place in the classroom and aren’t at all useful. Others the complete opposite. Are English training games useful, then? Understanding the Student Body Whether or not English training games will be useful comes down to how well the teacherContinue Reading

How to Teach Children English

The teaching methodology differs between adults and children. This is understandable, since adults and children have different cognitive abilities and require different approaches in order to maximize their ability to acquire different skills. Languages aren’t any different in this respect, but those who are qualified ESL teachers may approach a classroom of children using the abilities they developed for teaching adults, which is often the case with ESL certification. So, how can teachers go about teaching children? Let’s find out. Repetition Children tend to thrive on repetitive tasks, which chorally drill the same skill being taught over and over. ItContinue Reading

Are Free English Lessons Useful?

Students who are initially put off by the sheer cost of English lessons, whether they’re delivered in a language centre or over the Internet, might find themselves looking for free English lessons to supplement their paid-for counterparts. The Internet certainly offers a wealth of different options in this department, but are they all that useful? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why English lessons may or may not be useful for students depending on their particular needs. Beginning Learners When students are starting with absolutely no English skill, then their need for an instructor is at anContinue Reading

The Advantages of Online English Lessons

For those who aren’t able to spend on lengthy trips abroad in order to receive English lessons from native speakers in their homeland, the Internet can bridge the gap between instructors and students by offering comparable teaching standards in a more convenient environment for both parties concerned. Of course, there are disadvantages associated with online English lessons, such as losing an Internet connection right in the middle of a lesson, but the advantages do tend to make themselves well-known, too. So, what are some of the advantages to English classes online? Let’s find out. Convenience The convenience factor of studyingContinue Reading

Sourcing Free English Lessons

ESL studies are by no means cheap. When students are just entering the realm of learning English as a foreign language speaker, they’re often taken back by the sheer cost of how much instructors and language centres charge. Of course, these sorts of costs offset themselves when students are able to use their newly learned skills within English-speaking businesses for higher rates of pay, but getting there in the first place can be a struggle. This is where the idea of finding free English lessons becomes important for students. So, where should students look for free English lessons? Student TeachersContinue Reading